Message for the customers of LIB Flowers Boutique

With regards to the current situation around the spread of the COVID-19 virus we would like to let you know that the health of our staff and our customers are the most important and we would like to share a few precautions that we have put in place to protect our our customers.


We have made sure that all our retail outlets are being truly cleaned and disinfected as much as possible with regular cleanse on doors, handles and other surfaces that are being regularly utilized.

We also have requested our staff to wear facemaskes for your safety.


We have made sure that all our delivery vehicles are being cleaned and sterilized on a regular basis to reduce the risk of contamination.

Beside these measures we have instructed our team to wear a face mask and gloves where possible.

If you prefer our drivers to leave the arrangement at the front door, please feel free to put a note at your door
While these times are unprecedented and circumstances are fluid, we also know this is temporary. I want to thank our incredible team for their commitment to serving our customers. We are inspired to see our people and communities come together.

Please take care of yourself, your families and the ones you love.

Sincerely yours
Life In Bloom

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