With temperatures soaring above 90 degrees, summer can be pretty uncomfortable at times. Thankfully, you can turn to these five flowers to help beat the heat! From cooling scents to plants that add humidity, these flowers will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long! To learn more about these five flowers and how they can help you, read on!

10 Ways Blooming Plants Can Cool Down Your Home

As summer temperatures rise, your home may feel like a sauna. One way to beat that sweltering heat? Bring in some bright blooms. Flowers cool down your space and make it more inviting, not only for you but also for visitors. Here are 10 ways flowers can help beat the heat.

1) Grow Hydrangeas

While hydrangeas are easily grown from seeds, starting them early and planting them in large containers is an easy way to help beat the summer heat. While most hydrangeas grow as bushes, some (like paniculata) can be trained as a vine. Regardless of their form, if you’re looking for a plant that will last all summer long, with gorgeous colors and lots of blooms, hydrangeas are one of your best bets. They love the sun but don’t do well in temperatures over 90 degrees – so no matter where you live, plant them in a spot where they won’t get too much heat.


2) Grow Ginger
Ginger plants can be an attractive addition to your garden; they have gorgeous, fragrant white flowers in early summer that are just beautiful. Their scent is also a natural insect repellent, meaning it’s great for deterring bugs and keeping pesky critters away from your houseplants. You can start with ginger flower plants or grow them from ginger root you get at your local nursery or grocery store.

3) Grow Bougainvillea

Bougainvilleas are drought-tolerant, making them perfect for growing in hot, dry areas. These colorful plants have an extended blooming season, which will delight you every summer. While they’re known for their tropical appearance and can be grown as perennials in warmer climates, growers in cooler regions should plant them as annuals. Bougainvilleas prefer full sun and moderate amounts of water. Start seeds indoors about eight weeks before transplanting outside (about mid-May). Then water plants regularly until they’ve established themselves.

4) Grow Spider Plant

Many flowers do a great job of cooling, such as Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia diversifolia), which can reach heights of nearly 20 feet and have hundreds of bright yellow blossoms. But if you want something that grows close to ground level and needs very little attention, spider plants are a great choice. These common houseplants are also known as airplane plants because their vine-like leaves resemble a plane’s propeller. As these plants grow, train them up along pieces of string or wire draped across your walls or windows.

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